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Train as a Doctor  One of the Major training programmes undertaken at ZINARE is a Five Year Course to train Naturopathic Doctors. The students train for a Bachelor of Naturopathic Medicine in the four major learning areas. These include, Philosophies of natural medicine through courses like, the Art of practicing Natural Medicine, Medical Sciences as well as The practice of medicine. the candidate must have six credits or better still two distinctions and two credits to qualify for this programme especially in Eng, Maths and Sciences.
Train as a Community Health Assistant  Even before the commencement by government to train Community Health Assistants, ZINARE had rolled-out its programme to train community health assistants. These are trained in three major couses; Community health which gives the candidate the skills to work in the community, Health Assistant, which trains in skills to work in any health-care facility, and Natural Medicine to equip the candidate with natural medicine equipment, procedures and medicines. At least a School Certificate is needed for a candidate to be eligible for entry into this course.
Natural Medicines and Treatments ZINARE offers award winning, world-class, trully herbal formulas that have been scientifically researched and verified through affiliation to National Science and Technology Council, NISIR and Ministry of Health as a Centre of Excellence. Medicines for Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, Asthma, all Cancers, Fibroids Respiratory diseases, Reproductive diseases and even for HIV/AIDS are available. Therapies that are gentle and safe are offered at a cost you can afford. 
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Dr Nozima with ZINARE’s ND Students at Chawama Clinic
ZINARE’s Community Health Assistant students at Helen Kaunda campus
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