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The shift in the epidemiological picture from communicable diseases to non- communicable diseases has proved a great challenge to orthodox or conventional bio- medicine. ZINARE has strategically positioned itself to offer alternative as well as complementary health-care at its Natural Health Centre for lifestyle diseases using gentle treatment modalities that includes therapeutic massage and reflexology, colon hydrotherapy, de-ionization detox therapy and many more. A weight-loss program that is both gentle and effective is available as well as herbal medicine preparations for most diseases.
Through its affiliation to National Science and Technology Council and its MOU with Ministry of Health, ZINARE undertakes its Medical Research in a sound and ethical manner that meets internationally accepted norms for research in health. ZINARE is cited as one of the Six Nationally recognized institutions that can carryout research and clinical trials in traditional herbal medicines. ZINARE has successifully researched out medicines for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, Asthma, all Cancers, TB, Malaria, and up and above all the possible cure for HIV/AIDS
In March 2009 the MoH with WHO Country Office through the WHO Country Representative for Zambia, Dr Olusegun Babaniyi, requested WHO Regional Office for Africa to undertake a supportive mission for Traditional Medicine work to strengthen collaboration between WHO, MoH and stakeholders. Dr Ossy MJ Kasilo, Regional Advisor, Traditional Medicine Division of Health Systems and Services Development WHO Regional Office for Africa in Congo Brazzaville, undertook this mission to, among other things, ‘support the launch of ZINARE at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre at which she declared ZINARE as a Centre of Excellence and to support the development of a curriculum for Naturopathic Doctors. Above, Dr Kasilo in class at ZINARE speaks to Students
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