Commited to being the Professional’s  Institution, producing excellency in Naturopathic Medical Education, Research and Practice in Zambia
Who we are
It was a momentous occassion when the Zambia Institute of Natural Medicine and Research signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of the Republic of Zambia through its Ministry of Health, at Ndeke House on 19th January, 2010
What we do The Zambia Institute of Natural Medicine and Reseach is registered as a non-profit non- governmental organization with the following objectives: To recruit well-qualified students and employ effective educators who are dedicated to the highest standards of the profession. To graduate doctors of naturopathic medicine who are competent, compassionate and ethical. To provide continuing medical education to the profession regarding naturopathic health care, the prevention of diseases, and the acquisition and maintenance of optimal health to the public. To provide optimal clinical education and patient care. To foster and conduct innovative research and communicating professionally the results through publications and presentations. To gather and preserve traditional historic and modern naturopathic medical knowledge and wisdom, and make them accessible. To generate continuous, co-operative exchange with other educational institutions and health –care providers to promote understanding and dialogue. To advocate for an end to mystical medicine that have no basis in science and metaphysics and develop natural medicines that are safe, efficacious and of good quality.  
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What is Naturopathy? Naturopathic Medicine, also known as Naturopathy or Natural Medicine is, to a lot of people, synonimous with herbal medicine, or outrightly Traditional Medicine or worse still Witchcraft. This view is championed especially by a certain religious inclination which views anything natural as either being evil or coming from the devil. Interaction with many Traditional Healers has revealed startling information that seem to indicate that publicly these so called religious leaders do condemn natural Medicine but secretly they also consult the Traditional Healers. Nevertheless, that is not our concern here. What is concerning us is to give a definition to a versatile practice that is emerging as a viable alternative in view of the emerging lifestyle diseases that are proving difficult for Conventional Medicine to adequately treat and mostly lead to death or disability. Naturopathic Medicine can be defined as a Complementary and Alternative Medical Practice that emphasises the use of the body’s intrinsic ability to heal itself, rather than the use of poisonous chemical substances that simply change an acute illness into a chronic one. Naturopathy concentrates on finding the root cause of any illness rather than merely treating the symptoms of the disease. Of prime emphasis is the need to elicit the help of the sick to be responsible for their own health through informative education. 
Registered in 2004 with PACRO (then) and with Registrar of Societies in 2005, ZINARE is the Pioneer institution that fully integrates the Strengths of Conventional or Bio-medicine with non-mystical Traditional Medicine Practices by using Science to build the bridge of naturopathy, in Zambia
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